Certificate Course in Facing Interviews

The course helps you understand the process of an interview while learning about satisfying the interviewers’ quest for understanding the subconscious motives of the interviewee and helps you succeed.

Course Fee: GBP 99 | Code: 112 - 6 months access

About this course

An interview is one of the processes you have to overcome before you are hired for a career that you desire and you only get one opportunity to make a good impression in the interview and win that job.
A lack of preparation or an error will only lower your chances of getting selected, even though you might have all the other necessary requirements suited for the position.
This course has been designed in a manner to help you understand the process and prepare yourself to succeed in an interview, satisfying the interviewers’ quest for understanding the subconscious motives of the interviewee and securing that position.


Course Information

  • Audience

    People looking to improve their job, change their career, unemployed people, fresh graduates, students, managers, supervisors, coaches, academic institutes, and anyone else looking for employment.

  • Course Duration

    6 months full access to complete the course

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    Study time

    Recommend 2-3 hours per week depending up on your understanding of the subject.

  • Examination

    There is a timed exam at the end of the course. You need to score 50% or more to be awarded the Certificate.

  • Certificate

    You will see an option to print your certificate on your screen OR save it as a PDF. The certificate is also automatically emailed to your registered email ID

  • Accreditation

    Psychology World® is an Open & Distance Learning Quality Council, UK accredited provider. ODLQC is the UK guardian of quality in open and distance learning and a member of the European Association of Distance Learning. The accreditation ensures that Psychology World® courses are amongst the best in the world.

Learning Objectives

The Certificate Course in Facing Interviews along with a FREE eBook, containing an exhaustive handy reference guide for succeeding is an invaluable guide to prepare for the interview.
It also includes content related to the Psychological principles of understanding what interviewers look for and the complexities and emotional upheaval during the process and how to handle rejection.


Course Coverage

    Understand Interview Process & its components
    Understand what Interviewers look for
    List & Understand Types of Interviews
    List common questions asked & how to answer them
    Understand Dressing up for Success
    Tips on Facing Interviews
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