Selling Skills Series

Ideal for anyone on your team who is starting a career in sales or marketing and needs to quickly build foundational knowledge. The course series can also be used as a refresher for those who may be stuck in a rut and need a reminder of what techniques and strategies are available.

Course Fee: GBP 150 | Code: 301

Course Information

  • Audience

    Anyone in Sales or Marketing who needs to quickly build or refresh foundational knowledge.

  • Course Duration

    6 months full access to complete the course

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    This course has 49 lessons

  • Study time

    2.5 Hours of online training. Recommend 30 minutes per session.

  • Certificate

    Upon successful completion, you are awarded a certificate issued online from respective Training Center

Course Contents

Module 1 – Sales Listening Skills

    The benefits of becoming an effective listener
    Effective sales listening skills and techniques
    How to use your listening skills in everyday sales conversations
    What makes a great conversation and when to use humour
    How to be yourself, genuine & build relationships
    Social contracts and how to connect with people
    Tips for better active listening

Module 2: Creating your Pipeline

    How to research your audience
    The customer lifecycle
    The definition of ‘pipeline’
    How to generate leads
    How to nurture and qualify leads
    How to make a meeting plan
    How to move sales along the pipeline

Module 3: Managing your Pipeline

    How to follow up on your best leads and drop the dead ones
    How to assess the needs of your customer
    How to monitor pipeline metrics
    How to manage time effectively
    How to prioritize your prospects
    How to meet critical targets
    How to use CRMs

Module 4: The Sales Pitch

    Your offering and Unique Selling Points (USPs)
    The ‘elevator’ pitch
    How to up your pitching game
    Storytelling & the release of the trust hormone
    How flattery builds confidence

Module 5: Effective Presentations

    The art of presentation
    How to communicate successfully
    The importance of storytelling

Module 6: Selling the Proposed Solution

    The meaning and methods behind solution selling
    How to understand the needs of your customers
    When to use questions rather than a hard sell

Module 7: Building Benefits

    The difference between benefits and features
    Understanding ROI – a change of perspective
    The not-so-obvious advantages of benefits
    Why customers don’t care about your product

Module 8: Keeping Prospects Engaged

    How and why you should engage
    What are ‘calls to action’ and how to employ them
    How to keep prospects invested
    How to personalize your content

Module 9: Closing Difficult Deals

    Why persistence is key
    The art of negotiation
    How to make a compelling offer
    The importance of influencing

Module 10: Sharing Sales Feedback

    How feedback can improve offerings
    How to identify real concerns and objections
    How to establish USPs through feedback
    How sharing feedback benefits us
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