Marketing Skills Series

Marketing is no longer as simple as putting up a billboard or buying ads in the phone book. Times have changed, which means your marketing strategy needs to keep up. This course series will help you navigate the digital playing field that has come to define marketing and will explain both the importance and power of marketing for your business and the fundamental steps to developing the most effective strategy.  

Course Fee: GBP 150 | Code: 302

Course Information

  • Audience

    This course series is for marketing folks involved in creating or promoting content, developing partnerships, etc..

  • Course Duration

    6 months full access to complete the course

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    This course has 44 lessons

  • Study time

    2.5 Hours of online training. Recommend 30 minutes per session.

  • Certificate

    Upon successful completion, you are awarded a certificate issued online from respective Training Center

Course Contents

Module 1 – Your Shop Window, Your Website

    Why having a great website is important
    How to make your website stand out
    How to use your website as a marketing tool to grow your business

Module 2: Do Your Research

    What market research is
    Why brand research is important
    How to conduct effective market research

Module 3: Know Your Customers

    What it means to “know your customers”
    How you can get to know them
    How to use customer knowledge techniques to boost sales

Module 4: The Power of Social Media

    Why social media is important to business
    How to use social media as a marketing tool
    How to create good content to get your business trending

Module 5: Curating the Right Content

    What it means to “curate the right content”
    The benefits of sharing other people’s content
    How to select strong content to boost your business

Module 6: The Role of Partnerships

    The different partnership models
    How partnership marketing could benefit your business
    How to choose the right partnership for your business

Module 7: Brand Ambassadors

    Why brand ambassadors are important in today’s world
    The role of brand ambassadors in marketing
    How to choose the correct ambassador for your brand
    How to establish a brand ambassador program

Module 8: The Power of Networking

    Why “who you know, not what you know” is true in networking
    How to build strong connections
    How to create effective content to convert sales

Module 9: Show Don't Tell

    Why the simple “hard sell” no longer works
    How powerful images can say more than words
    How to make a compelling offer
    The importance of influencing

Module 10: Introduction to Marketing Automation

    What marketing automation is
    How it can streamline marketing and make it more effective
    How to implement MA into your current strategy
    The “dos and don’ts” of marketing automation
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