Image Enhancer Program

Today people start judging a person starting right from first sight. When you project an image of confidence, you are more to succeed in both business and social relationships. From first impressions to the last perception, everything defines a person's image.

Course Fee: GBP 150 | Code: 306

Course Information

  • Audience

    This course is for anyone who wishes to improve their appearance, behavior, and communication in personal and professional life.

  • Course Duration

    6 months full access to complete the course

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    This course has 48 lessons

  • Study time

    2.5 Hours of online training. Recommend 30 minutes per session.

  • Certificate

    Upon successful completion, you are awarded a certificate issued online from respective Training Center

Course Contents

Module 1 – Image Management

    Image management and its importance
    Creating great first impression
    Image makers and breakers

Module 2: Dressing

    Dressing as per your body
    Dressing for your role, profession and lifestyle.
    Wear your colour
    Wardrobe builders classic vs fashion

Module 3: Accessories

    Footwear - As per role, size and fashion
    Jewellery - As per lifestyle & necklines
    Other Accessories - watch, belts, cuffllinks, etc.
    Pick the right handbags
    Sunglasses for your face shape

Module 4: Grooming

    Grooming basics & products
    Know your skin
    Hair care & hairstyles
    Beard and moustache
    Body care
    Make up

Module 5: Etiquette

    Etiquette - Social & Business
    How to make an introduction
    Workplace etiquette
    Digital etiquette
    Dining etiquette
    Other - Travel , public place and networking etiquette.

Module 6:Communication

    Types of communication
    Body language - Posture, gesture and haptics
    Facial expressions - Eye contacts, smile
    Vocal Communication - Positive Language
    Master conversation's skills
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